Is muidne Beanantees - a couple of Donegal girls trying to spread the Irish language in a new way.

It’s been a helluva year for the mná na hÉireann and we think it’s time for a celebration. We wanna do that with some fun tees agus cúpla focal. 

We started Beanantees to try and introduce a little Gaeilge in places it’s not normally found. We love giving it a modern spin too – English sayings and phrases are constantly evolving, so why not Gaeilge too?

We take our inspiration from pop-culture, our heroes and anything we think sounds cool - we use a pinch of poetic license here and there to make things flow Beanantees style.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our stuff whether you are fluent, have the cúpla focal or just love the idea we got a Beanantee for you!

10% goes directly to supporting the Dublin Rape Crisis Network and the Rape Crisis Network Ireland. Since December 2018 we've already donated over €1000 and can't wait to give the next thousands.

We've recently added a Derry Girls tribute range, for which we'll donate 20% to Alliance For Choice - an organisation that campaigns to end the criminalisation of abortion and gain access to reproductive justice in Northern Ireland.

Na Mná

Lana grew up in Glasgow speaking Gáidhlig and Ciara was reared with Donegal Irish - there are some differences in the languages but we can usually always communicate with each other. 

We met over the love of music, cans and fashion when we were teenagers in the hills of Dún na nGall have been best pals since.

We're not the authority on the Irish language - we're just proud to have an Ghaeilge in our heritage and we want to do our bit to keep it alive by encouraging people to use their cúpla focal in unusual ways. 

An Smaoineamh

It started back in 2017 when Lana was staying with Ciara for a few weeks. Ciara was hand embroidering her own clothes (she's the creative one) with some of her favourite Irish sayings.

Lana thought the idea was a genius (she's the business one) and the idea was born. It took another 18 months before they got their shit together asked some of their loveliest friends to model and launched at the Yule Yard at Bernard Shaw just before Christmas 2018, armed with a handful of t-shirts and three designs.

Since the range has grown to 10 designs with tees, bag, and jumpers with more on the way. Beanantees have gone all around the world and are stocked in the Bundoran, Gweedore, and Dublin too. 

How it works

We both still have our day jobs so we keep things simple.

We think it, we like it, we do it.

We work with a local company in Letterkenny who embroider our tees and jumpers on demand. We always try and keep stock of some of the best-sellers and then everything else is done on demand.

This means our delivery can take a few days, but it also means we can add new products really quickly which keeps things interesting for us and our customers!

So that's our story....we're really just two pals having craic.

If you want to know more, hit us up!

Get in touch at hello@beanantees.com.

Lana agus Ciara