Beanantees A to Z

We take our inspiration from pop-culture, our heroes and anything we think sounds cool - we use a pinch of poetic license here and there to make things flow Beanantees style. 

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our stuff whether you are fluent, have the cúpla focal or just love the idea we got a Beanantee for you - check out our glossary of slogans: 

  • Bean an Tí: Woman of the House
  • Bean Fiáin: Wild Woman
  • Buzzáil: Buzzing
  • Bród: Pride
  • Cailín Álainn: Lovely Girl
  • Cailleach Salach: Dirty Witch
  • Dia Bitch: Hey Bitch
  • Is Cailín Doire Mé - I am a Derry Girl
  • GRMA, next: Thank U, next 
  • Yas Banríon: Yas Queen
  • Raváil: Raving
  • Tiocfaidh Ár Grá: Our Love Will Come

  • Got an idea for a Beanantee or a collab? Hit us up!